I have moved in.... 

This property was reserved for me;on
25th Aug 1998

George Seebeer .

I'm 50 years old, I live in Sydney, Australia.

I have a number of friends involved in Amateur radio, and you guessed it, 27Mhz CB radio. We are going to use this space for our own enjoyment. 

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julie is under here

Our interests: 
  • Cars/Motor Racing 
  • Computers/Technology 
  • Conservation/Environment 
  • Dance/Theatre 
  • Food /Drink 
  • 27Mhz & UHF(syd07) CB radio 
  • Movies/ TV (Amateur TV/23cm) 
  • Music: Blues 
  • Music: Country 
  • Music: Folk 
  • News/Current Events 
  • PC Games 
  • Photography 
  • Pubs and Clubs 
  • Religion 
  • Shopping 
  • Small/Home Office 
  • Socialising (lunch break Fridays at Liverpool Catholic Club)
  • Sports: Fishing/ 
  • Sports: Sailing/Water Sports 
  • Web Publishing/Design 
  • We have contacts with some racing personallities
Kangaroo Bill
Email me on:

A l s o ,  u s  o n :


A tip for the young fellows.

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